"Jess did a fab job with my boy Hugo. Very patient as the first couple of times he was a bit unsure but he learned to love it and really got a lot out of the sessions. Jess was very good at explaining what she was working on, and why and how I could help, with the use of poles and stretches she showed me. Made for a very happy relaxed pony and a happy owner too" - Fran Hodson

"Working with Jess  was a great opportunity which really helped me get a feel for the industry and what the job entails. My experience was varied, and I learnt a great deal, this not only included working on my own and Jess’s ponies which was great for building confidence but also visiting clients. The client-based work allowed me to see what the role of an equine massage therapist involves, Jess was great in showing me how to interact with clients and their horses. Not only was Jess brilliant at teaching me the practical side of this job, but she also helped a great deal with questions about university and the course, which was helpful as it is difficult to find information on the questions you really want to ask. Overall, I loved my work placement with Jess and found it really useful in choosing my future path, the skill that I have learnt are invaluable and I would recommend that anyone who wants to take up this profession do some work experience like I did"  - Chloe (year 12 work experience placement student)