Massage therapy can be applied to a wide variety of conditions and issues, however each approach is the same.

Initial Consultation and Massage

All new horses must have an Initial consultation. A full history of the horse will be taken and the owner must sign to say veterinary approval was obtained. Static and dynamic analysis will be carried to highlight any issues. A massage session will then follow, tailored to any issues specific to your horse. To round up the session, a breakdown of findings, aftercare and follow up protocols will be outlined to the owner. These sessions will last between 1 - 2 hours

Follow up Sessions

These sessions could be remedial or maintenance depending on presenting conditions during initial consultation. The number and frequency of sessions will depend on issues being addressed. These sessions will last hour.

Bodywork Session

These sessions use whole body massage techniques including specialized stretching exercises, soft tissue mobilizations, positioning exercises and 'focal' point work. These sessions last between 1-2 hours

Pre or Post Event Massage

Pre-event massage works in conjunction with your warm-up to help loosen muscles and reduce risk of injury. The ideal time for this would be in a 4 hr window before competition. Post-massage session helps to reduce muscle stiffness and can highlight any issues as a result of competing. This ideally should be carried out between 2-4 hr after competition.

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